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Welcome to SCBeanie! We appreciate you giving a look at our site and are excited to get you matched with the perfect shirt. SCBeanie started out creating t-shirt designs and prints, but we hope to expand our products soon to novelty mugs and pins. Until then, we hope you enjoy the ever adored corgi collection that inspired us to start up this site. And if Corgis aren't your taste, we have plenty of other products to purchase. Have an idea for your own design? Contact us about our customization services to see if we can make that idea a reality! 

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- Damaged/Misprinted/Defective: If these conditions are due to an error on our part, we will cover return expenses and a refund will be issued. Returns must be submitted within 2 weeks after receiving your order. 
- Lost in Transit: Contact us to submit a claim no later than 2 weeks from the estimated delivery date. If issues are due to an error on our part, claims are covered at our expense.  
- Address changes: If an address is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned. If the address must be updated and re-shipped, a reshipment fee will be applied. 
- Wrong Size/color: We accept returns if the shirts are in good condition with no signs of damage or abuse; in which you can choose to request a refund or even exchange at no cost. Returns must be submitted no later than 7 days from receiving the original purchase. If we find damage upon the return of the shirts, no refund will be issued, nor will you be eligible for a free even exchange. 
- Buyer's Remorse/No longer want: We do not accept returns nor issue refunds for purchases the customer no longer wants to keep. We recommend donating your shirts so they can be put to good use for someone else. 

- Wrong Size/Color: We allow exchanges of the same product for a different size or shirt color free of cost as long as the original product returned is in good/new condition. If the shirt returned is damaged or has signs of abuse, an exchange will not be allowed. 
- Different Product/Design: Exchanges can only be done with the same product or design; different designs or products cannot be considered as a replacement. If a different shirt design is desired it will need to be purchased in a new order. A refund can be issued for the original order if it is returned in good condition within 2 weeks after the product is received. 

Refunds can be issued if
- Your order has been returned within the Return period policy in good/new condition. 
- Your order arrives damaged, misprinted, defective in which a refund must be requested within 2 weeks. 
- Order is lost in transit and a submitted claim confirms an error on our part. 
Refunds will be denied if
- After 2 weeks of receiving their order has passed. 
- No return is received within the 2 week return period. Or if a return is received in damaged condition. 
- The buyer no longer wants the product; we do not offer returns nor refunds for these conditions. 

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